Posted by Wade Johnson on 12/03/2012

Safety2Go's Hydrant Plug bag is specifically designed to easily carry up to five hydrant plug adapters, a gate valve, the spanner wrenches, and the hydrant wrench to quickly hook up the hoses with the hydrant and get on to fighting the fires.

This bag is made of 2-inch seatbelt webbing with a tinsel strength of 6,000 pounds with a reinforced bottom  composed of a 3/16th-inch rubber insert sandwiched between two layers of webbing. The durability of this bag can easily withstand years of abuse, negating the increased price within a year of service.

The hydrant plug bag can be stored on the tailboard or within a compartment. It includes a reflective strip for higher visibility. Color options for rig identification are available.

"In protecting numerous high-rise buildings Safety2Go worked with us to design our high-rise packs and equipment gear bags, improving our ascent to the fire floor."

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