Posted by Wade Johnson on 11/05/2012

Safety2Go's Hydrant Wrench Bag has a reinforced base that lasts longer than standard bags.Safety2Go's hydrant wrench bags are specifically designed to solve two main issues commonly associated with this style of bag: lack of durability and ease of deployment.


All our hydrant wrench bags are created with 47mm seat belt webbing, load rated to over 5000 pounds of force. To further increase the durability, our hydrant wrench bags have reinforced bottoms with two layers of material guarding against constant wear and tear, negating premature deterioration due to the adapters, wrenches, and other contents hitting the bottom of the bag, which pinch and tear most bags in less than a year.

Safety2Go's bags have been in use for, in some cases, almost 5 years.  As of yet, no bags currently in circulation have been replaced, however departments are phasing out their inferior bags with ours as the existing hydrant wrench bags break.


Our bags utilize an on-line deployment system, where the bag is attached to the large diameter hose (LDH). When deployed, pulling the bag down brings an additional 10-15 feet of hose to catch the hydrant. This promotes optimal connection and negates issues with the LDH tangling on the apparatus.

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“The Safety2Go staff is always available to assist us in meeting the needs of our Fire Rescue Department.” 

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