Posted by Wade Johnson on 08/22/2012

Safety2Go offers many custom hose bed net options to suit any fire apparatus. We can create hose bed nets with openings 4 inches wide using 2 inch webbing to 1 inch wide using 1 inch webbing to anything in between, perfect for containing both Large Diameter Hoses (LDHs) to high-rise hose packs etc... We also offer a multitude of colors for optimum visibility, black and red being our most popular.

Primary Hose Bed Nets

The anti-flaking strap is included with Saftey2Go's primary hose bed net and conforms to the NFPA 1901 standardOur primary hose bed nets are built specifically to your fire apparatus's compartment to contain your LDH. All our primary hose bed nets are equipped with an anti-flaking strap developed specifically to conform to the NFPA 1901 standard which states:

"Any hose storage area shall be equipped with a positive means to prevent unintentional deployment of the hose from the top, sides, front and rear of the hose storage area while the apparatus is underway in normal operations"

The primary hose bed net is designed for optimal deployment through a quick-disconnect buckle system.

Pre-connect/Crosslay Hose Bed Nets

Our pre-connect/crosslay hose bed nets are built to contain your smaller attack hose lines or packs using the same high-quality webbing as our primary hose bed nets. These nets are made of 2 inch webbing or 1 inch webbing for openings of either 3 inches or 1 inch. As with the primary hose bed net, the pre-connect/crosslay hose bed net is designed for optimal deployment through the same quick-disconnect buckle system.

Ordering is quick and easy, see our sizing and color guides to assist you through your ordering process.

"I believe our hydrant bag will last as long as the tools we put in it."

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