Hydrant Bag

"I believe our hydrant bag will last as long as the tools we put in it."

"Why not put everything needed to catch a hydrant in one place?"

"No matter what situation we run into at the hydrant, our hydrant bag has the tools to overcome it."

Rope Bag

"Our rope bag has really improved and simplified our RIT team trainings."

"During RIT training our rope bag has been tossed around, yanked on, and pulled over every floor possible with no wear or tear. With all the abuse, it looks brand new."

~ Firefighter Chris Edwards 

“Safety2Go Fire & Rescue products provides our Department with very durable fire rescue products.”

“In protecting numerous high-rise buildings Safety2Go worked with us to design our high-rise packs and equipment gear bags, improving our ascent to the fire floor.”

“The hydrant bags offer a level of durability that we have not experienced with any other products.”

“The Safety2Go staff is always available to assist us in meeting the needs of our Fire Rescue Department.” 

~ Deputy Chief Chris Byrne
City of Marco Island Fire Rescue Department

High-Rise Strap

"We are now using the Safety2Go high-rise pack. The equipment you have provided us with is very durable; in fact, it's fireman-proof. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to see what you come up with next."

~ Firefighter Jason Hazzard

"Why not put everything needed to catch a hydrant in one place?"

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